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Sloterkade 148 bel
1058 HN Amsterdam


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  • Chi Nei Tsang I Practitioner - Organ Detox
  • Chi Nei Tsang III Practitioner - Tok Sen


Some of the certifications are still in progress


    Let me introduce myself, my name is Willie and I am an entrepreneur in the field of Holistic Health & Complementary Medicine. As a Holistic Coach, Therapist & Raw Food Chef I have a base in Europe, Amsterdam, and South East Asia, Thailand.

    I am passionate about working on a global scale to promote health, vitality and longevity with a holistic, integrative approach that combines results of scientific research on food, health, nutrition, supplementation, herbal remedies and lifestyle with the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic and Taoist principles.

    My expertise in the field of coaching stems from my Bachelor Degrees in both Hospitality Management and Human Resource Management, and a Master degree in Communication Science. Throughout the years I have expanded my education & experience with certifications in Health Psychology, Food & Health Specialist, & Phytotherapy (medicinal plant therapy) and different modalities in energy and bodywork.

    My expertise in energy and bodywork includes Master Mantak Chia’s Chi Nei Tsang, Cupping Massage Therapy, Gua Sha Therapy.

    Currently I am studying Chinese Medicine at Shenzhou University. 

    My Training Offers

    My work is characterized by a holistic integrative approach, combining aspects of ancient wisdom from Ayurveda & Chinese Medicine. Main focus is on coaching, combined with the Art of Chi Nei Tsang, complemented with detoxification and regeneration processes, nutritional, herbal and fasting strategies that trigger the self-healing capacity of the body.

    As entrepreneur I am the Cosmic Creative of Cosmic Chi ~ Coaching & Therapy ~ through which I combine coaching & Chi Nei Tsang Massage Therapy to help high achievers deal with the stress that accompanies their lifestyle. I support & guide them how to achieve relaxation, enhance their sleep & improve their focus. In addition I organize retreats and workshops to teach people how they can achieve their health goals with simple tweaks & easy to apply changes.

    If you would like to read some more about my activities, or if you want to contact me, please feel free to visit:


    www.cosmic-chi.com (currently under reconstruction)

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    Some of the certifications are still in progress


    Some of the certifications are still in progress


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