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In harmony with the universal life force,
we increase the virtues of the heart, soul and mind.


We promote the cultivation of life force (Chi)
to heal us and explore our inner self.
We inspire people to care and education
her soul and harmonize all related spirits
on a clear path to the Tao.


For present and future generations
we want to pass the path of encounter with an open heart,
maintain a clear direction in life
spiritually and eternally - immortal Tao embody.


We honor with loving acceptance,
the changing balance of light and darkness.
To achieve health, longevity and wealth,
we live in harmony with the virtues
Trust, respect , love, wisdom and compassion.


By transforming our sexual Chi Essence
we strengthen our energy body
and enhance our spiritual growth
through the practice of Qi Gong and meditation
Taoist Inner Alchemy.

2022 Universal Healing Tao®© Mantak Chia©

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Some of the certifications are still in progress


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