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04. UHT Cosmic Healing Qi Gong

Cosmic Healing Qi Gong is a hitherto largely unknown method to specifically absorb cosmic energy, to store it and to use it for health and long life - for yourself and others. By activating hands and acupuncture points, vitalizing forces flow in and through the entire body. This prevents the exhaustion of one's own energy resources and supplies fresh energy.

Cosmic Healing Qi Gong builds on basic exercises such as Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, Microcosmic Orbit and uses Skin and Bone Breath, Iron Shirt Practice and Tan Tien deepening exercises. At the core of the Cosmic Healing Qi Gong is a practice method that Master Mantak Chia calls the "Buddha Palm". The goal of this practice is to strengthen the chi of the practitioner and to develop his ability to give chi to others. The exercises are based on the Shaolin 'Finger Qi Gong', from which the Kong Jing Qi Gong has been derived, about which there are hardly any publications and that is rarely taught. Other methods describe techniques with the hands and with different visualizations, including colored Chi. However, Master Mantak Chia himself warns against the inexperienced use of some of these techniques.

Through the practitioner's inner preparation with the basic exercises, and especially with the techniques of the Cosmic Healing Qi Gong, the practitioner's mental and spiritual abilities are trained and developed.

The Taoist health system is largely based on the elements and roots of classical and traditional Chinese medicine. Like all methods handed down in the Taoist tradition, the Cosmic Healing Qi Gong is not based on a belief system, but the values ​​and emphases should be 'experienced' by everyone.

Learn to protect yourself by transforming the painful emotions offered by our brothers and sisters into useful body energies. The old system of 'sucking shamans' is still used, but today we are no longer trained to protect ourselves from the burdensome, emotional external energies and mental attacks from outside. Grand Master Mantak Chia shows us how to build up simple protective fields and gives you the opportunity to balance your own body energy system - practical mental hygiene, so to speak. Grand Master Chia takes us with the invocation of the guardian spirits and shows how to handle the spirits.

The UHT Cosmic Healing Qi Gong knows 2 levels:
UHT Cosmic Healing I
UHT Cosmic Healing II

The 'UHT Global Branch Leader' are responsible for the content of the various training and teaching lines. A team of appointed, honorary UHT Instructors ensures consistent Universal HEALING TAO standards in training, education and certification worldwide.

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