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Dear UHT Instructors,

Since my early years I have continuously built up the Universal Healing Tao® System, and I have been teaching for almost 50 years. It is important to me to bring all the knowledge to as many people as possible and I was and am willing to put all my energy into this.

In order for me to be able to continue teaching in the future despite adverse circumstances, however, I now need your support in the form of a voluntary Membership Fee for full registration on our worldwide instructor website As part of this change, there are some modernisations on this website.

Mantak Chia (Chiang Mai 01.07.2022)

Every person with a valid UHT certificate is entitled to be registered on the UHT Instructor Directory of Mantak Chia.

FREE Membership:
Free registration with publication of name and picture.
UHT Team Members activ in Honorary Positions receive
Membership Pro as a thank you, but may contribute
on a voluntary basis.

PRO Membership:
After voluntary payment of an annual Membership
Fee of 60-180 USD, all contact details,
certifications and training details are published.
The profile can be adjusted at any time.

Purpose and Use of Membership Fee

  • Your voluntary contribution to the Instructor Community 60-180 USD per year, depending on your own possibilities.
  • Committed use of contributions to maintain the instructor community and ensure MANTAK CHIA's future online teachings.
  • Operation of the website
  • Zoom contributions for MANTAK CHIA Online Teaching
  • Team costs for production of MANTAK CHIA Online Teaching
  • No coverage of other expenses

Membership Fee start is 01.09.2022, all further details are accessible in your own password-protected UHT Instructor profile.

Mantak Chia and the Council of 9

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Some of the certifications are still in progress


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