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Dear Instructors,

Grandmaster Chia has added for all coming UHT Instructor Retreats a 2-day Inner Alchemy Astrology® Level 1 class.

This will be part of the Associate  and the Certified Instructor education from now on.

According to his conviction, everyone should know the relationships between the 5 Element System and one's own Inner Alchemy.   Grandmaster Chia's Inner Alchemy Astrology® charts are the simplest key to putting the right practice in the most effective position between  the physical body and our Inner Alchemy's energy.

Prepare yourselves now by taking the full 8-days **UHT Inner Alchemy Astrology® Level 1-2-3** course in Tao Garden, London, Paris or Berlin.
Qualify to get certified as ''UHT Inner Alchemy Astrology® Consultant'' and be ready for teaching it.

And.... it is very handy and useful!     Help your students to balance their energies through combining the practices with chart reading.....

Mantak Chia and the UHT Concil of 9

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Some of the certifications are still in progress


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