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01. UHT Tao Energy Cultivation - Basics

Based on the 5 Elements of Classical Chinese Medicine, the first part will teach the basic exercises of Taoist energy work, the "Inner Smile", the "6 Healing Sounds" and the "Microcosmic Orbit". The goal of these practices is to learn the inward Qi Gong View and begin the elimination of energetic imbalances in our body-soul-mind unity. But where do you begin with which method? With the 'Inner Alchemy Astrology' we can easily visualize the distribution of the 5 elements in our body and organs and thus recognize, where our workplace is and which'Healing Art' promises to be successful.

The second part covers the complex of inner sexual alchemy, that is the work with Jing Chi, our sexual power - in both women and men. Jing chi is the sexual essence, it is formed in the sexual organs. In women, it is the energy of the ovaries given to the eggs, in men, the energy of the semen. Jing Chi is denser than chi, moves slower in the body, nourishes the organs as it moves through the body.

The cultivation of Jing Chi, which is moved in our "love organs" is one of the few ways to replenish our stock - our Chi account, so to speak. Closely connected to the endocrine system, our genitalia can produce large amounts of sexual energy, an extremely fiery energy, powerful, alive - but not permanent. In order to store it, it has to be directed to the organs and not exclusively allowed to remain in the sexual organs or "wasted"; i.e. without circulating them; be discharged.

The exercises and meditations from the Universal HEALING TAO System© show us how we can circulate, transform, and use the fiery energy of Jing Chi to recharge our body energy system.

The Tao Energy Cultivation - Basic knows various levels:

     - Inner Smile

     - 6 Healing Sounds

     - Microcosmic Orbit

     - Healing Love

     - Inner Alchemy Astrology

The 'UHT Global Branch Leader' are responsible for the content of the various training and teaching lines. A team of appointed, honorary UHT Instructors ensures consistent Universal HEALING TAO standards in training, education and certification worldwide.



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