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02. UHT Internal Martial Arts

Qi Gong is rooted in classical Chinese medicine. Meditative and dynamic exercises should ensure the flow of Chi in the body and strengthen the self-healing powers. Tai Chi is originated from the martial arts and uses the same principles as Qi Gong, but the orientation is more outward. Roughly simplified, Tai Chi is an orderly sequence of Qi Gong exercises, but with a different orientation.

Our body chemistry is stable only when our body  is permeable. The 12 meridians and the 8 vessels used in the acupuncture transport and store our life force Chi. Tensions and blockages hinder the flow of Chi, causing less performance in our system. A variety of Qi Gong exercises and soft martial arts practices can harmonize or eliminate such disabilities. Most of the outer martial arts styles, such as Kung Fu, Tae-kwon-do, Judo, Karate, Muay Thai work mainly with physical strength and speed. The inner martial arts seem to convey the opposite, smooth flow, relaxation and meditation. The view seems to be more inward, focusing on the opening of the joints and the free flow of Chi in and arround the body.

At the beginning there is the building up of rooting and the development of our Iron Shirt prepare our physical body to absorb and store spiritual energies. Stretching and working with the dragon's breath, reactivating our stem cells, stimulating our glands are trained with and through practices such as Tao Yin, Tan Tien Chi Kung, Iron Shirt Chi Kung and various Qi Gong and Tai Chi levels. With these Internal Martial Arts, we prepare ourself for the advanced practices to explore our Inner Alchemy.

The UHT Internal Martial Arts knows various levels:
UHT Iron Shirt I – II – III
UHT Tai Chi Chi Kung I – II – III – IV
UHT Tao Yin
UHT Tan Tien Chi Kung

The 'UHT Global Branch Leader' are responsible for the content of the various training and teaching lines. A team of appointed, honorary UHT Instructors ensures consistent Universal HEALING TAO standards in training, education and certification worldwide.

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Some of the certifications are still in progress


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