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Dear Instructors,

Our Grand-Master creator and founder of the Universal HEALING TAO System wishes to continue a biography project about his personal Taoist development and about the development of his Universal Healing Tao System.

Grand-Master Chia begs all his students to help with the contents. Especially pictures from the early years, historical flyers and own experiences can be part of the book.
Please send us pictures until July 30th, 2019 with a maximum of one page of text ( funny stories, life changing moments...) and with your consent that the pictures sent to us (with the highest possible resolution 300 dpi) will be released by you for publication.
                                   All answers please with the keyword Mantak Chia's Biography  to this E-Mail   =>

Be part of the process and find yourself together with Grand-Master Chia in this book project !

Mantak Chia and the UHT Concil of 9

Don´t hesitate to contact us, if you have further questions!

After passing the UHT Instructor's exam, the question turns up, when do I teach which exercise with my students?

As an Instructor, you have the privilege of downloading Mantak Chia's 5-Element-Horoscope at the special Instructor price of 10 € for each chart, Inner Alchemy Astrology Teacher and Consaltants have the workflow price of 5 €.

With this you can efficiently choose the right exercises for the energetical disbalance of your students. This system is a kind of radar for detecting the blockades in the human body-mind-soul unit. Weakened energetic qualities can thus be stimulated and dominant parts can be mitigated.

Grand-Master Chia has developed a system to make the energy balance of your students visible - the Inner Alchemy Astrology .....


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