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Grand-Master Chia's courses around the world had to be cancelled,
please contact your local organisation team to look for options in your country.

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Online-LIVE-Teaching  with Grand-Master Mantak Chia  at home on your PC or Laptop (in English)

Be online: 

English Speaking 13th - 16th April 2020 each day 09:00 to 15:00 o'clock CET
13th & 14th April 2020 Awakening The Light of Healing & Wisdom
15th & 16th April 2020 The Loving Energy that Heals - Transform Sexual Energy to Life Force

Italian Speaking from April 18th – 21st 2020
April 18th & 19th 2020 Awakening The Light of Healing & Wisdom
April 20th & 21st 2020 The Loving Energy that Heals - Transform Sexual Energy to Life Force

French Speaking from April 25th – 28th 2020
April 25th & 26th 2020 Awakening The Light of Healing & Wisdom
April 27th & 28th 2020 The Loving Energy that Heals - Transform Sexual Energy to Life Force

These classes are replacing many of the seminars which Grand-Master Chia was due to teach in the European Spring Tour.  Awakening the Light of Healing & Wisdom corresponds to the Taoist Basic Practices usually taught at weekends during his Tour.  The ‘Loving energy’ class is also called Healing Love and was also due to be taught in several cities.

       Online-Teaching is now the way forward to keep studying the Tao in these difficult times.

Grand-Master Chia had already put many hours of his classes on Youtube and students have often written in to report feeling energy during the class and even having their mid-eyebrow or 3rd eye point open, and to feel energy go round their micro-cosmic orbits.
These on-line classes will be LIVE with Grand-Master Chia teaching from Tao Garden and beaming it to enrolled students, in their own home. You will be able to follow the class almost as if he was here with us. There will be recordings available afterwards if you cannot keep to class times. However if you can organise your day around the times, please keep to them and help the chi around the planet.
Master Chia regularly updates his teachings, the ‘Basic Taoist practices’ taught in this year’s winter retreat are quite different from what he taught years ago.  His mediations have constantly inspired him to present techniques differently and in these classes you will get the latest version, so re-source and update with him.
Primordial, cosmic energy is all around us and so there is no reason why we cannot use Taoist techniques to draw them into us from wherever we are.
That is why Grand-Master Chia is including these classes in his UHT Instructor Training programme, and by following this cursus you can be heading towards the higher level classes.

It seems that the Universe is pushing us towards on-line learning, and so get going with the Basic Taoist Practices now.


1. you need an e-mail address, internet access and a computer, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone.
2. you book via this website, get the account data and transfer the online fee of 75 € per workshop day (see course fees).
3. on the online LIVE course day you will receive an email with a zoom link that you can use to join the course.

Grand Master Chia uses ZOOM, which works like Skype, but is reliably stable. With your booking we guide you through...

Contact your Organizer Team  (click on this link for listing)

...a good opportunity to celebrate.

Since Grand-Master Chia's new UHT Instructor-Directory is running, there have been no crashes, no lost records.
We have tried to offer a system that requires less external administration, gives more responsibility to the users and
does not require paper filing at the Tao Garden Center. No more lost certificates, transparent training conditions and
access to all documents for UHT instructors - thanks for all your positive feedbacks !

► 1.043.088 access hits to our website
► over 1000 direct e-mail contacts to UHT Instructors
► 534 UHT Instructors have uploaded their certificates and activated their profile

Thanks to all for your participation and thanks to our voluntary international administrator team !


Some of the present available Interview's with Mantak Chia

1. 2019 : Practice is the key  .....

2. 2018 : Understand This And You Will Achieve Anything! .....

3. 2017 : SEXUAL HEALING  London .....

4. 2017 : MALE SEXUAL HEALTH .....

Dear Instructors,

Grand-Master Chia has added for all coming UHT Instructor Retreats a 2-day Inner Alchemy Astrology Level 1 class.

This will be part of the Associate  and the Certified Instructor education from now on.

According to his conviction, everyone should know the relationships between the 5 Element System and one's own Inner Alchemy.   Grand-Master Chia's Inner Alchemy Astrology charts are the simplest key to putting the right practice in the most effective position between  the physical body and our Inner Alchemy's energy.

Prepare yourselves now by taking the full 8-days **UHT Inner Alchemy Astrology Level 1-2-3** course in Tao Garden, London, Paris or Berlin.
Qualify to get certified as ''UHT Inner Alchemy Astrology Consultant'' and be ready for teaching it.

And.... it is very handy and useful!     Help your students to balance their energies through combining the practices with chart reading.....

Mantak Chia and the UHT Concil of 9

Dear Instructors,

Our Grand-Master creator and founder of the Universal HEALING TAO System is still in the process of writing his biography about his personal Taoist development and about the development of his Universal Healing Tao System.

Many thanks to all who have participated in the project Mantak Chias biography *Mantak Chia - My Life* so far.
The processing will take some time. Therefore, we ask for patience and forbearance that we can not use all of your contributions, and some perhaps only in excerpts.

Mantak Chia and the UHT Concil of 9

After passing the UHT Instructor's exam, the question turns up, when do I teach which exercise with my students?

As an Instructor, you have the privilege of downloading Mantak Chia's 5-Element-Horoscope at the special Instructor price of 10 € for each chart, Inner Alchemy Astrology Teacher and Consaltants have the workflow price of 5 €.

With this you can efficiently choose the right exercises for the energetical disbalance of your students. This system is a kind of radar for detecting the blockades in the human body-mind-soul unit. Weakened energetic qualities can thus be stimulated and dominant parts can be mitigated.

Grand-Master Chia has developed a system to make the energy balance of your students visible - the Inner Alchemy Astrology .....


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