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        The 9 core Formulas of the Universal HEALING TAO System
" One Cloud’s Nine Stages of Inner Alchemy for Cultivating the True Self "
  are an integral part of our teachings and shared now on all Continents.


Inner Alchemy     -     FORMULA 1

Awakeening your Healing Light

      Basic I
      1. Innere Smile
      2. 6 Healing Sounds
      3. Microcosmic Orbit
      4. Chi Selfmassage

      Basic II
      1. Empty Breath
      2. Laughing Chi Kung
      3. Stemzell Chi Kung
      4. Elixier Chi Kung
      5. Tan Tien Chi Kung
      6. Iron Shirt Chi Kung I
      7. Iron Shirt Chi Kung II (Tendon Nei Kung)
      8. Iron Shirt Chi Kung III (Bone Marrow Nei Kung)
      9. Tao YinTai Chi Chi Kung I
      10. Tai Chi Chi Kung I
      11. Tai Chi Chi Kung II

      Healing Medical Chi Kung:
      1. Chi Nei Tsang® I (Organ Detox)
      2. Chi Nei Tsang® II (Chasing the Winds)
      3. Chi Nei Tsang® III (Tok Sen)
      4. Chi Nei Tsang® IV (Karsai Nei Tsang)
      4. Chi Nei Tsang® V (Life Puls Massage)
      3. Cosmic Healing Chi Kung I
      4. Cosmic Healing Chi Kung II


Inner Alchemy     -     FORMULA 2

       Inner Sexual Alchemy
      1. Male Sexual Alchemy
      2. Female Sexual Alchemy
      3. Multi-Orgasic
Sexual Alchemy for Couples


 Inner Alchemy    -     FORMULA 3

      1. Fusion I
      2. Fusion II
      3. Fusion III


Inner Alchemy     -     FORMULA 4

      Darkroom  Retreats

      1. Lesser Kan und Li     (Inner Sexual Alchemy: Heal our Male/Female Soul‐Spirit)


Inner Alchemy     -     FORMULA 5

      Darkroom  Retreats

      2. Greater Kan und Li     (Sun–Moon‐Earth Alchemy: Complete Our Ancestors)


Inner Alchemy     -     FORMULA 6

      Darkroom  Retreats

      3. Greatest Kan und Li     (Planetary and Soul Alchemy: Shape Your Destiny)


Inner Alchemy     -     FORMULA 7

      Darkroom  Retreats

      4. Sealing of the 5 Senses     (Star Alchemy: Unite Soul with Over Soul)


Inner Alchemy     -     FORMULA 8

      Darkroom  Retreats

      5. Congress of Heaven & Earth     (Heaven & Earth Alchemy: Marriage of Form and Formless)


Inner Alchemy     -     FORMULA 9

      Darkroom  Retreats

      6. Reunion of Human & Tao     (Human Sage Merges with Tao)


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