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Dear Universal Healing Tao® Instructors and Practitioners,

I am pleased to announce that we have developed three new forms in the field of Internal Martial Arts, inspired and defined by Grandmaster Chia.

These include a Ba Gua Zhang form, which corresponds well to Fusion practice and has eight representative palms (Animals and Martial applications). It incorporates all the principles of Ba Gua Zhang but has fewer forms and palm work, making it possible to teach beginners in two days. This form will be called:   Tai Chi Chi Kung IV Ba Gua Zang (TC4)

We have also introduced two cane (walking stick) forms with the same footwork as Tai Chi Chi Kung 1 and Tai Chi Chi Kung 2 (Yang Discharge form). It provides both a novel and new dimension to those who have learnt Tai Chi 1 & Tai Chi 2 forms that avoid the need to learn new waist and legwork. These new forms will be called:   Tai Chi Chi Kung V Cane Stick Slow Form (TC5)    &    Tai Chi Chi Kung VI Cane Stick Discharge Form (TC6).

LINK to the Tai Chi Chi Kung V Cane Stick Slow Form (TC5)  |

Warmest regards

Grandmaster Mantak Chia

Dr Andrew Jan

UHT Internal Martial Arts Senior Instructor
UHT Global Branch Leader - Internal Martial Arts




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