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Tarika Akaba

Contact Details

3-6-43 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
162-0825 Shinjuku
Tokyo To

Instructor Levels

  • Certified Instructor
  • Chi Nei Tsang I Teacher - Organ Detox
  • Chi Nei Tsang II Teacher - Chasing the Winds


  • Basic 2 - MCO, 3 Fires & Six Directions, Passing Energy
  • Iron Shirt I (IS1)
  • Tai Chi Chi Kung I - Yang Style (TC1)


・Representative of Taoist Japan

・Director of Chi Nei Tsang project

Completion of Bio Integral Psychotherapy  training ,

My Training Offers

Organizing in Japan with Japanese Translation 

・Chi Nei Tsang certification course since 2013 with Grand Master Chia and Jutta Kellenberger

・Associate instructor certification course since 2016 with Jutta Kellenberger 

・Cosmic Healing certification since 2021 with Jutta Kellenberger 

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