Laura Salerno

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140 Bassett Street
06051 New Britain
United States

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  • Certified Instructor
  • Chi Nei Tsang I Practitioner - Organ Detox


  • Basic 2 - MCO, 3 Fires & Six Directions, Passing Energy


Before I even knew it had a name, I experienced my microcosmic orbit at the ballet barre, (and yes, it traveled up the Conception Channel and down the Governing Channel); my kinesthetic awareness, thus channeled into my first love: Dance!

It was my two year residency in a macrobiotic study house and stint as a scribe at the Center that was my foray into the Foundational Pillar of the Tao: Food.

Master Mantak Chia definitely opened something when I drove up to Cohasset, MA, (Wah Lum Kung Fu Academy), to begin to learn the Tao Basics. (1986)

My taoist studies, over the past 30+ years, have taken me to an island, (no electricity!), off the coast of British Columbia, the Great Smoky Mountains on the North Carolina/Tennessee border, and back into NYC where my primary teacher, Karin Sorvik, shared the honored teachings in a way where I really got that "Practice is not separate from our [mundane] lives."

Simply put: I am a woman, mother, grandmother, and eternal student of the Tao.

I extend my heartfelt respect and gratitude to all my teachers of/on the Way.

The connections/bridgings I have made between Taoism and The Fifth Epochal Revelation, (aka The Urantia Book), continue to illuminate my path.  

Love and Light!

My Training Offers

I open my personal practice, once a week, in a(n) one hour Tao Basics class. We work from the ground up incorporating Constructive Rest, Tao Yin exercises including Full Body Breathing, Mountain Rising, Spinal Twist, Laughing Baby etc., transitioning up through sitting, maintaining alignment, to standing, (I Chuan), all the while focusing on smiling, breathing, opening, grounding - and all before moving, (walking), in a simple Vietnamese tai chi form.  We practice indoors during colder weather and outdoors in a lovely courtyard as the weather warms. The Six Healing Sounds often cool down and close this weekly class practice.  All who are interested in taking responsibility for their own health, starting and/or deepening their own practice, are welcome!

I offer Chi Nei Tsang treatments, by appointment, a couple times a month.  Students who practice derive much more benefit from our time, together, at the table.

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