Irene Andersson

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Gullmarsvägen 8
12140 Johanneshov
+46 0 739 483943
+46 0 739 483943
+46 0 739 483943

Instructor Levels

  • Certified Instructor


  • Basic 2 - MCO, 3 Fires & Six Directions, Passing Energy
  • Iron Shirt I (IS1)
  • Healing Love (HL)
  • Tao Yin (TY)


Irene Andersson is a bodycoach with focus on pelvic foor and sexual health. She holds courses and lectures throughout Sweden (and abroad) 
around sexuality, taoist sexuality, health and wellbeeing. She give diffrent kind of massage, pelvic floor release, chi nei tsang, 
voice dialogue and provides treatments in Stockholm. Tel. +46 (0)739-483943.

Irene is an experienced course leader and lecturer and has over 25 years of exploration and travel and learning in 
different countries, resulting in a unique combination of knowledge, experience and tools. She combines modern research
with eastern and shamanic wisdom from different mindset traditions that look at the whole. Irene is a multi-linger and
for over 20 years has worked on various types of healthcare and today runs ProCreative AB. She is a certified qigong
instructor since 1998 and has been educated at Tao Garden in Thailand and spent a lot of time with Taoist teachers in
different countries. Trained in various massage technicians, pelvoc floor release, meditation, yoga, meta coach, voice
dialogue supervisor, etc. Read more about treatments and courses on,

I have had good care and alternative therapies as a great interest since the early 90's and has the majority of qualifications
and diplomas in qigong, yoga, massage, body therapy, meditation, shaman wisdom and personal development. Trained both in Sweden
and a lot abroad. What I feel most passionate about, however, is the qigong, which is so beneficial at many different levels
and practices it myself regularly since 1995. Has been a Certified Qigong Instructor since 1998 in Universal Tao system.

My main qigong teachers have been Mantak Chia, Wang Tin Jun, Anderw Fretwell, Lujan Matus, Yuen Tze and David Shen.
Other sources of inspiration have been my time at various centers in India, in Poona and in Rishikesh.
Has also been in Åsa Kullberg's "School of Shaman Wisdom" (Sweet medicine sundance path) since 2002, both as a participant and assistant, where leadership and life energy are at the heart of the work. Has also studied basic medicine, anatomy, nutrition, herbs and has university studies in psychologist, pedagogy, economics and human ecology and is a trained librarian.

My Training Offers

I teach Universal Tao, Basic, Healing Love and Tao Yin. I also teach Xing Shen Zhuang, Wuji Gong and Tian Ti. I give massage treatments, pelvic floor release, oilmassage, japaneese massage and chi nei tsang, am a meta-coach, give voice dialogue sessions and teach shamanic wisdom. I have also written two books on tao and female and male sexuality and essens in swedish: "Kvinnans Tao" and "Mannens Tao" (Soon to come in english) Also provide CD with exercises and DVD in - Tao Yoga.

My base i Stockholm, but give lectures and workshops all over Sweden and abroad as well!

"My respect and confidence in the body and mind's own strength and self-healing ability has only been 
strengthened over the years and I see it as my task to help create space for the power to work."

Very Welcome to contact me!

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