Ilona Bito

Instructor Levels

  • Certified Instructor


  • Basic 2 - MCO, 3 Fires & Six Directions, Passing Energy
  • Iron Shirt I (IS1)


Ilona Bito connects energy with nature, health, creativity, and martial applications. Bito became a UHT instructor in June 2019 after studying Qi Gong with her mentor, Daria Fain ( founder of the C O R E M  O T I O N program ) for six years.  She has gained experience teaching people of all ages and abilities in schools, retirement centers, dance studios, and online. Her research for certification with C O R E M O T I O N is focused on Inner Structure (including Iron Shirt, Do Yin, and Tai Chi) and Contemplative Action, especially the transformation of emotions (Six Healing Sounds, Cosmic Fusion, and Healing Love). Ilona has won two gold medals for her empty hand tai chi form and two gold medals for her tai chi sword form. She has also won 4 gold medals for Tai Chi Push Hands.

Ilona has been a dancer since her childhood in New Jersey and Seattle. She has been performing professionally and teaching in NYC since 2011. She has a Masters in the Art of Teaching from Sarah Lawrence College. The martial arts and the internal arts have greatly enriched and deepened her movement practice and she is very grateful to her teachers: UHT Senior Instructor Daria Fain, Grandmaster William C.C. Chen, Tai Chi  Push Hands World Champion Jan Lucanus, Sifu Paul Koh, and her first Tai Chi teacher, James McConnell. 

My Training Offers


Qi Gong practice supports balance, adaptability, and healthy connections. 

Every session concludes with a Meditation on The Six Healing Sounds. 

5 days a week

Eastern Time Zone  * ~ * ~ *  60 minute sessions 

Mon ~ 2p

Tues ~ 11a+2p

Wed ~ 2p

Thurs ~ 11a+2p

Fri ~ 2p

Pay what you want!: / Venmo @Ilona-Bito

Drop in sliding scale:

$20: 💖I have not lost income and I can afford class

$10: 💘I am feeling financial impact and want to take affordable classes.

FREE-$5: 💝I have lost the majority of my income and can not afford class.

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