Gillian Reid

Honorary Positions

  • UHT Country Coordinator
  • Organizer of Mantak Chia Workshops

Contact Details

Piazzale di Lio Grando,29
30013 Cavallino-treporti-Ve

Instructor Levels

  • Associate Instructor
  • Certified Instructor
  • Inner Alchemy Astrology Consultant
  • Chi Nei Tsang I Practitioner - Organ Detox
  • Chi Nei Tsang III Practitioner - Tok Sen


  • Basic 1 - Inner Smile, 6 HS, Self Massage, Self Healing Qigong
  • Basic 2 - MCO, 3 Fires & Six Directions, Passing Energy
  • Iron Shirt I (IS1)
  • Healing Love (HL)
  • Cosmic Vision (CV)
  • Primordial Alchemy Qigong (PAQ)
  • Tao Yin (TY)
  • Tan Tien Chi Kung (TT)
  • Tai Chi Chi Kung I - Yang Style (TC1)


I was born in London-UK and moved to Italy in 1985 where I am now based. Since 1992 I have dedicated my heart and soul to the practices of Qigong, and Taijiquan's healing and martial arts, through the teachings of M° Franco Mescola, M° Chen Liangshen, M° Mantak Chia, M° Faye Yip, M° Yang Jwing Ming and M° Yang Lin Sheng. For almost 30 years I contributed to the birth and growth of the Taiji and Qigong school, 'Centro Ricerche Tai Chi A.s.d' and founded the Biospirals Method Qigong UK training school which I direct and teach at.

In 2010, I further embraced the direct knowledge and inspiration of Grand Master Mantak Chia. Subsequently, I graduated in Thailand as a Certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor. I am currently recognised by Master Mantak Chia to train instructors in a number of practices. I am a practitioner of Chi Nei Tsang I - Organ Detoxification and Chi Nei Tsang III - Tok Sen, a healing technique to clear trapped energy, on the surface of the body and deep within.

I enjoy playing an active and joyful role in sharing and promoting the Universal Healing Tao System by teaching, the Italian organiser and coordinator for Grand Master Chia's online courses. I am also a co-founder of the association Nuova Tao Italy, dedicated to promoting and supporting the Universal Healing Tao system in Italy.

With at heart the desire to preserve the inner peace that all children possess, I combined the practices and knowledge accumulated over the years to formulate a program for children that I have called 'Junior Tao Chi'. During my years of teaching both children and adults, I was welcomed into the Italian public school system, where I was able to share my knowledge on a large scale in the form of mind and body awareness through physical activity, aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 11. I currently teach freelance offering the Universal Healing Tao practices, and Junior Tao Chi - with programs for children and educators.

With the possibility to teach in both English and Italian, I run a variety of workshops and events across Europe and offer private lessons and treatment.


Degree in Management

English teacher and translator

Certified Universal Healing Tao instructor 

Italian UHT Country Coordinator

Mantak Chia Workshop Organiser and coordinator

Senior Instructor of Tai Chi A.s.d. Research Centre

Senior Instructor of Biospirals Method Qigong School

Founder and Director of Biospirali Method School UK

President of Association Nuova Tao Italy

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Some of the certifications are still in progress


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