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Morakot Piyakesin - Universal Tao Cosmic Healing Practitioner

Name: Morakot Piyakesin
Email: healingwiththetao@gmail.com
Address: 237/64 Villa Paping, Huay Kaew Rd.,
Chiang Mai,
Thailand 50200
Work Phone: +66 5321 6316
Skype Name: morakotpiyakesin
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Instructor Certification Practice Certificates
Certified as Universal Tao Certified Instructor Basic - Inner Smile, 6 HS, MCO
Iron Shirt I
Healing Love
Certified as Universal Tao Cosmic Healing Practitioner Cosmic Healing Practitioner

Instructor Biography

After bouts of health crisis, I finally resigned from my career as documentary video producer.  Since 2005, I began to study Healing Meditation with Dr. Mano Mettanando Laohavanich and joined the Rigpa Sangha of Sogyal Rinpoche, seeking for healing or preparing for my own death (whichever would have come before!) In 2006, after having attended the Female Healing workshop with Jutta Kellenberger at Tao Garden, I became a student of Jutta and Master Mantak Chia and gained back my health and well being. After my certification as an UHT instructor in 2011, I have been assisting Master Chia in Paris, Brussels, Kunming, London and Wuhu and have been compiling Master Chia's teachings into a series of booklets " Good health must come from within " in Thai language. 

I live in Tao Garden, offering private Healing Meditation class and basic chi kung which can be booked at The Pakua Clinic.

Professional Profile

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