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Mary Ellen Derwis - Universal Tao Chi Nei Tsang Senior Teacher

Name: Mary Ellen Derwis
Email: m@beinthetao.com
Address: 6846 Chaffee Court,
Brecksville, Ohio
USA 44141
Work Phone: 1 216 548 8980
Website: www.chineitsangschool.com
Skype Name: mary.ellen.derwis.balaz
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Instructor Certification Practice Certificates
Certified as Universal Tao Certified Instructor Tao Yin
Certified as Universal Tao Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner Chi Nei Tsang I Practitioner
Chi Nei Tsang III Practitioner(Healing Harmony)
Certified as Universal Tao Chi Nei Tsang Senior Teacher Chi Nei Tsang Senior Teacher

Instructor Biography

I have been an active practitioner of the Universal Healing Tao system since early 2007. My journey actually began in the mid 90's when I first purchased 'Awakening the Light of the Healing Tao'. It was a revelation to me, apparently I have been a Taoist all my life.

In '92 I became a massage therapist in the state of Ohio in the United States. However, something was always missing in the protocols I was taught. The Belly!

My study of Chi Nei Tsang began in 2007 with Gilles Marin and once all 3 levels were completed I sought out Master Chia as my teacher. This was important to me as I strongly feel that both perspectives complement each other seamlessly.

My certifications include: the basics, iron shirt 1, tao yin, fusion 1 and in June 2017 Master Chia granted me the honor of Chi Nei Tsang Senior Teacher of level 1, level 2 (chasing the winds) and level 3 (tok sen).

And the study continues for me as it does for us all.

Professional Profile

As a Chi Nei Tsang Senior Teacher and NCBTMB provider 451057 it is my goal to educate all who will listen. I provide local classes in Cleveland as well as have a great desire to bring all 3 levels of Chi Nei Tsang to those who have a need in their area. I love to travel and the opportunities for growth and friendships it brings.

In my private practice, 95% is strictly Chi Nei Tsang. I utilize  the UHT Basics, Tao Yin, Fusion, Iron Shirt and proper posture and breath as 'homework' that my students can incorporate into their lifestyle to encourage personal growth.

To learn more about me and register for upcoming classes in the United States go to my website ChiNeiTsangSchool.com/workshops

or IM  me from my facebook page Chimassage


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